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Evidence-Based Toxicology Collaboration

Evidence-Based Toxicology Collaboration


EBTC was founded in 2011 at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health with the vision to make evidence-based methodologies the standard that is used to ensure public health, a healthy environment and a sustainable future.

EBTC is fulfilling this vision by bringing together the international toxicology community to work on adapting and developing evidence-based methods and frameworks that facilitate the use of evidence-based toxicology and systematic reviews to inform regulatory, environmental and public health decisions.

About Us

Evidence-Based Toxicology

is the development and use of transparent, consistent, and objective methods for assessing scientific evidence to answer questions about adverse effects of chemical substances on living organisms.

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What We Do

Current projects include a new critical appraisal tool and an investigation of the predictivity of a zebrafish assay

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Scientific Manuscripts

A list of our publications, including our "Primer" on evidence-based toxicology.

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Staff, Board, and More

Learn about who works for us, our Board of Trustees, and our all-important Scientific Advisory Council.

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