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Evidence-Based Toxicology Collaboration

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EBTC is currently conducting a number of projects related to improving the toxicological evidence base for making regulatory decisions, through advocating use of systematic methods in conducting chemical risk assessments, raising the standard of published primary studies, or developing techniques for better integration of varied evidence types into the systematic review process - in particular the use of alternative test methods for predicting health risks posed by chemical substances.

As a collaboration, EBTC encourages all stakeholders, from regulators and academia to industry and non-government organisations, to approach us and contribute to the success of the projects we are running. Please contact us to express interest.


Using mechanistic data from the US ToxCast and Tox21 programs to better predict chemical toxicity in humans

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Evaluating how well the Zebrafish Embryo Test can predict developmental malformations in animals

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In Vitro Appraisal

Our critical appraisal tool to help improve the quality of study protocols and published manuscripts

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EFSA Colloquium

Advancing understanding of how to integrate heterogeneous scientific evidence for human health risk assessment

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We summarize current approaches to adapting systematic review methods to chemical risk research

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