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Evidence-Based Toxicology Collaboration

Methods Group

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The Evidence-Based Toxicology Collaboration (EBTC) established the Methods Work Group (MWG) in 2012 to address the methodological needs of the organization. The MWG will identify and adapt methods from evidence-based medicine and health care (EBM/HC) that are applicable to evidence-based toxicology (EBT), as well as develop new methods as necessary.

Conducting systematic reviews will be central to the work of the EBTC. The steps of a systematic review include framing the question, developing criteria for including or excluding individual studies, searching for relevant studies, appraising included studies, and integrating the data, such as through a meta-analysis. Some of these steps translate more readily from EBM/HC to toxicology than do others. The MWG has decided to prioritize the adaptation and development of study appraisal tools, to benefit the field in general and the case study work of the EBTC.

The long-term aim of the MWG will be to provide guidance to the EBTC and to the EBT field in general on all aspects of evidence-based assessments, including toxicological test method performance and chemical effects on human or environmental health.

The current members of the MWG include: