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Evidence-Based Toxicology Collaboration

EBTC has been Awarded a $50,000 Prize from the Beagle Freedom Project

On February 2nd, Beagle Freedom Project announced EBTC as one of the winners of their first Funding the Future competition. The new EBTC project will use, for the first time, evidence-based methodologies to compare drug-induced liver toxicity in human patients to that of other experimental animals, including beagles, and to US EPA ToxCast in vitro data. A new EBTC workgroup that will include stakeholders from academic, industry, and non-profit sectors, will perform a systematic review of the literature (“study of studies”) on ten marketed drugs that have reported adverse liver events, or lack thereof, in humans. This study aims to increase our understanding of interspecies differences frequently observed in adverse drug reactions and to explore the predictive ability of the EPA ToxCast program's in vitro tests for prediction of such human adverse events. The results will provide a direct objective comparison of the effects of these medicines on different species and may provide evidence informing regulatory agencies’ decisions on tests that truly protect human health. Currently, regulatory agencies worldwide require the use of beagles and other animals to ensure human safety. Many studies have found that tests on animals fail to predict how drugs affect humans.

EBTC’s work is funded by organizations committed to funding unbiased academic research regardless of the outcome. Like all of EBTC’s funding, this award is unrestricted, and the funding organization will have no influence on the outcomes of the study and will take no part in research, data analysis, or interpretation.

EBTC staff and volunteers would like to thank BFP for their confidence and support of our research.